100% Checked 100% Verified

We check your new home in person

We contacted the landlord of the apartment, checked that the reservation is correct and visited it, we also made our own photos and videos for you. Avoid rental scams with Verificators!

What do you value most when renting?

We verify it for you

The home

We take into account that the condition of the home is as described in the advertisement, furniture, cleaning, damage, etc. Everything you would notice in the visit.

Home appliances

We check that the apartment has everything that they promise, from the washing machine to the air conditioning, EVERYTHING.

natural light

We check the natural light of your new home.

Neighbourly environment

If your neighbors are noisy, young party-makers or charming retirees.

Transport connection

We look for all public transport options near your home so that when you arrive you feel at home.


If you do not know the neighborhood, we describe it to you and give you all the information you need.

*In addition to these aspects we verify everything that worries you especially.

Contact your verificator instantly!

We do not want you to waste time, that’s why we use WhatsApp to contact your verificator and ask what you want.

* You can join him on the visit by making a video call

Contact via WhatsApp

Always connected 24/7

Try to be fair, the verificators are very helpfull but they need to sleep 🙂

We do not charge you scam rentals.

*Pay after having spoken with your verificator

We do not charge you for scam rentals

The verificator contacts with the landlord in less than 24 hours.


Two verifications

16% Off
  • The verificator contacts with the landlord in less than 24 hours. GUARANTEED!

Three verifications

16% Off
  • We do not charge you scam rentals 

These are the cities in which we verify

Of course these cities will grow, we are working on it.




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